Maximizer CRM…. the cure for ADD????

By Les Muise    May 1, 2008

I’m one of those guys…. You know one of those guys who frustrate any teacher, instructor, manager or for that matter any partner who has ever had to deal with me. Without bragging [too much] I’m bright, funny, a quick learner, observant, easy to get along with and a natural salesman…. I do it in my sleep and I have been known to introduce myself as ‘a flirt, a tease and a pain in the ass.’ That’s when I’m focused and in a good mode.

When I’m scattered, frustrated or most importantly …. Boarded out of my mind …. I can be a real pain in the ass. I don’t like doing book work on a good day but if its one of those days I’ll do what I want, not what anyone else wants, including anything my boss wants.

In my younger years those days were the rationalization for the number of jobs that I left earlier than expected. I liked the jobs and the people but in the end I lost my focus. The impulsive, compulsive, hop skip and a jump of that attitude along with my ability to easily talk my way out of [for that matter into] trouble made for a rather extensive list of companies that I worked for as a young sales representative. If you were to talk to any of my bosses from back then, every one of them would make comments along the line of:

‘Les was a great guy when he was on track but couldn’t or wouldn’t live up to his potential and he had potential.’

In the late 80’s after my mirage failed and I had stumbled through a couple of other relationships I finally started to reign myself in and did some research into the ‘why’s’ of my life. It was clear to me that I wasn’t reacting logically in many situations and at that point in history there was very little known about a condition that was emerging known as Attention Deficit Disorder [ADD].

Then the most

In the early 90’s computers came into my life, first a Commodore 64 and then a IBM XT clone. I instantly understood the logic that was the core of their strength. Even the first rudimentary applications like word processors, spreadsheets, and calendars worked to my benefit. I quickly fell into relying on my computer’s memory and scheduling ability to put some order into my life. Briefly in 1991 I owned a Computer Retail Store in Halifax and with that a Commodore 386DX notebook running DOS 3.1. Instantly I had the flexibility and mobility that I had been wanting.

Then an amazing thing happened……

Along came Maximizer…….. the DOS Version.

I was in heaven!!! I found the perfect information organization system for me.

Maximizer is a logically structured information storage system that allows for the customization of its interface and multiple classifications of the data saved. I spent the time the time to input all my paper based contact information and when I say all I mean ALL! The ability to assign people to groups & subgroups and then to further classify them meant that I had a manageable dbase that has never failed me.

For the past seventeen years I have been religiously loyal to my daily Max time [roughly one hour per day] and as time passed it became easier to maintain and build that information file. Initially it required a considerable amount of time and commitment to input all the contact information and history but the benefits have been huge. Over time it has become my diary, journal, document file, communications point, email coordination, promotion campaign manager, expense tracker, project manager and my memory. You have to understand that I have The day my life changed…. an extremely good memory but if a situation is not in my conscious memory and its not in my Maximizer file it DID NOT HAPPEN!!!

This system, although it seems complicated has actually simplified my life. I learned that if I was loyal to my Maximizer it was loyal to me. At this period of my life I was slowly building my consultancy, the combination of Maximizer, AccPac [now simply Accounting] and Corel’s Word Perfect Office I was able to keep my overheads low, my information safe, meet all regulatory reporting requirements and present a professional package and image to my clients.

November 17, 1997: the day my life changed…

As part of my ongoing self awareness research I had found the research into Attention Deficit Disorder was showing personality tendencies that basically described my life. After additional personal research and a formal assessment by a local, world renowned, expert Dr. T. Ahmed I was diagnosed as ADD in Adults. By nature I’m a laid back guy who never had been the Hyper active kid of the typical ADDHD that has become the image of the disorder. One of the things that I quickly realized was that for 7 – 10 years I’d been relying on my computers and more particularly my  Maximizer to put order,  consistency and stability into my life. Like any personality dysfunction there is a scale of control [or lack of] …. In my case on a scale of 1 – 10 I’m about a 3.5 … mild enough to be manageable with counseling, education and mild medication.

With the diagnosis came the relief of knowing why…. It certainly rationalized a lot of situations in my life, how I reacted and I quickly accepted that I could control the negative side of ADD and rely on the system I had developed for putting order in my life.

The only time I have ever used my ADD as an excuse is actually an annual event. My sister is often referred to as Martha Steward on Steroids and is a confirmed Xmas nut. Every year she puts well over 1,000 mini lights on her Xmas tree and has routinely asked for my assistance in meticulously lighting this tree, hiding all the wires (of course) ….. every year I run away yelling ADD, ADD, ADD!

When I look back on my life I can easily identify the impact and benefit that Maximizer has been to my life. I’ve long ago accepted that without my trusty Maximizer and my Dexedrine I’m in trouble. With out them it wouldn’t take long for me to be tripping over my ADD and to be forced to deal with the disasters that would be there.

So in the end …. Is Maximizer really the be all and end all cure for Attention Deficit Disorder?

No not really BUT if used properly and consistently it can and will assist in simplifying and stabilizing the impulsive and compulsive side of any individual.

Now if I can figure out how to get my Maximizer to put those damn lights on the Xmas Tree…..


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One comment on “Maximizer CRM…. the cure for ADD????
  1. mdowds says:

    Les, I share the same disorder. I have avoided every getting diagnosed but know there is something loose up there. I pretend that it is a great asset and normal among the creative and alternative types…great post

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