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By Les Muise 6/10/2008

Interesting…. is the only phrase that I can use in a printed format to describe my response to the proposed $40,000,000.00 Community Recreation Center in the works for the Mainland Commons.

Sounds nice. BUT:

  • There is still no detail as to what is included in that proposed facility,
  • There is still no time line on a decision.
  • There is still strong resistance by the [HRM] elected representatives to the idea of communicating with their communities & organizations like Build it Right.
  • There is still a crappy paternalistic attitude from the councilors…. ‘We’ll tell you what it is that you want and you’ll damn well like it!’

The timing of this pending announcement is amazingly political. After four years of sitting on their hands, all of a sudden there is a plan that has fallen out of the sky. By the time the Feds actually get around to formally announcing this project we’ll be within 90 days of the next municipal election.

The ground has been cleared, the building pad has been defined and prepared, the street has been paved, trees planted and sod laid…. What a photo opportunity. Proud Councilors and Mayor will be able to stand in front of a busy construction site with a large sign showing a vision of our future. They’ll thump their chests and proclaim “look at what we’ve brought to our community!!! Isn’t it beautiful?”

But nothing has changed.

Maybe they think that $40,000,000.00 will buy their re-election. Is it?

Not in my books!


The things in my life that I look forward to every day: Far tooo much coffee! Friends & laughter. Relaxing over a good meal & a beer. A decent conversation about important issues; personal & business, community, national or global ... all issues are welcome.

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