As a Consultant serving in a dual role as Financial Consultant and as Private Investment Broker the following is a brief description of the duties performed.

As Financial Consultant, Mr. Muise assists in structuring a proposal which will be most beneficial financially to the Client. This requires a review in depth of the details of the proposed venture covering an examination of the marketability, adequacy of management, financial requirements, verification of information submitted by the Client and independent research using resources of information that may not be available to the Client. In addition, The Consultant prepares the request for funding. This request is prepared to meet the requirements of various lenders and investors to whom the request will be made. The request for funding is formulated after the review in depth of the proposed venture. It may consist of all equity and/or various classes of equity; all debt; bridge/mezzanine funds; and/or combinations of the above.

As Private Investment Broker, the Consultant works with domestic and foreign investor /lenders. The consultant has the responsibility to bring together the needs of client with the needs and requirements of the investor/lenders, and to submit to the investor/lenders only high quality requests. Often clients prepare much detailed information support of their requests but overlook the more important information desired by investor/lenders such as adequacy of management, marketability, etc. A partial list of information examined and verified by Mr. Muise in his performance as Consultant:


General conditions affecting marketability

Determination of the market or potential market

An estimate of the size of the market

Expected growth of market

Demographics supporting the expected market

Market strategy

Reasonableness of market strategy

Reasonableness of project based on information obtained


Review of management objectives

Capacity of management to perform desired direction

History of management’s past performance

Financial information for management / principals

Background and character of management personnel

Financial information for principals

Verification of information obtained with references

Management’s experience in area of proposed project

Evaluation of management team to perform successfully

Financial Considerations

Adequacy of available capital

Adequacy of funds requested to support project

Collateral available to secure funding

Proforma projections for the project

Statement as tom use of new funds (transaction budget)

Terms of repayment, if debt & Rate of interest

Determination of most favourable equity/debt ratio

Adequacy of source of funds for repayment of loan

The Project




Evaluation of technical information required

Adequacy of projected facilities

Relative position of facilities to market

Evaluation of construction/equipment to perform desired tasks


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