Philosophy ..

Rules for Life, Love & Happiness

To start with I absolutely Hate the word Rules especially when those rules are preached by a third party. I’d personally rather use the term guidelines…. but either way these are the basis of my beliefs.

Core Values:


I don’t see issues of age, colour, intelligence, race, religion, size or languages. I try to treat all people the same.

I will not tolerate prejudices in any relationship, business, workplace, or social gathering.

I will call any one or any institution to task when I see a situation that is prejudicial to anyone.

Trust :

I believe that people are trustworthy by nature and deserve my trust.


I will always employ honest means and honest words to achieve my targets and use honest measures to prove it


I will always be loyal to my friends, If asked a favour by someone close … If I can do it I will do it without question or expectation of return


I was brought up as a Catholic but I no longer attend. I believe in a higher power how that power is defined is a personal matter.

I accept that there are many kinds of faith based groups & religions. I believe that everyone has the right to believe in & practice what ever religion they choose.


By nature I’m a caring person, when I reach out to someone & they return my friendship I will:

  • tell them I value their Friendship
  • when I develop ‘feelings’ I will tell them that I care
  • when I reach that point I will tell her I love her.

Too often I’ve missed the chance to tell the important people in my life what I really think of them.


I have opinions but I’m not opinionated. I will always be open to listen and learn and possibly debate the virtues of my opinions.

I accept that others may have a different view of the same situation & I will always be open to changing my position based on new knowledge.

Learning :

I will always be interested in learning new information & look forward to being challenged everyday.

In My Personal World


No matter what the situation I will not take advantage of any of my friends.

I will not wake up in bed with someone who doesn’t want me there.


There is no predicting when, where or why you meet people.

When I meet someone who ‘sparks’ interest I have to follow that interest to find out what’s there.

I will not walk away from a potential life partner using the excuse that ‘I’ll wait till I find Mrs. Right’.

I will not enter into another physical relationship unless there is the potential that there could be a long term life partnership.


Age is not a factor in a good relationship… there are no guarantees that the older will die before the younger.


A healthy relationship is based on honesty, trust, acceptance & compromise

The One

When a relationship works it works… When I find the one… our relationship will be;


No secrets here, no lies or deceptions, I can handle anything if its out in the open.

Trust Me

I will always trust my partners loyalty, word, interpretation of situations, decisions, with my money, my life, my feelings, my everything….

If I can’t trust her its overI will walk no run away!

Live in Today

Build on the past to achieve success in the present that will guarantee the future- and never neglect the future.

Positive Attitude

Life is too short to dwell on the negative, I’m known for my use of the ‘Never say Never’ phrase… there is always a solution to all situations if you look outside the box.


Constructive Criticism will be the only method of criticizing…. the sentence must stare “If I were the person ……. I would ….”

I will not step on others personalities or limitations in order to hurt.


Any problems are dealt with ASAP… never go to sleep angry…work it out ….

2 Hearts Beating

Two independent individuals, each with their own careers, friends and interests working together with common goals aimed at building a future together….

Mutual Benefit

Both parties are committed to working to the benefit of the partnership.

Best Efforts

Both parties will agree to put 100% of their time & effort into the growth of the friendship, love and life together.


In-laws are in-laws, tolerated, accepted, loved and understood… sometimes at a distance.

Kids are Kids

I know how to be a good father I’d have no problem being a father to new kids …. How many do you want???? 6 sounds good to me but we better start soon.

In My Business World

Every once in a while a book impresses me so much that I’ll re read it several times, over a year. Way back, just after I got married & was living at Spring Garden & Tower Rd. , I had some time to try to decide on a direction for my life the book The Supermarketers Creed came into my life & things changed. I’m not going to tell you that I’ve used it as my bible but it has stayed with me and I have to admit I feel the influence as I approach new projects or clients.

SuperMarketers Creed

  • Concentrate on building winning projects, services, and brands – drop all losers.
  • Use corporate organization as a deliberate means of achieving marketing objectives and change at will.
  • Stay close to the market at all times, listen to what it says, and act on what you hear.
  • Aim at all times for the optimum returns on sales and investment; Never settle for less.
  • Make marketing miracles by turning the impossible into the possible – and achieving it.
  • Scale each activity to the needs of its markets and never be impressed by anybody’s size, including your own.
  • Use every aspect of the business to stress its marketing message and make sure that the message gets across.
  • Employ honest means and honest words to achieve your targets and use honest measures to prove it.
  • See diversification, including acquisition, only as another rout to organic growth – and insist on getting it.
  • Know that turbulence in technology and markets increase opportunity – and ruthlessly exploit the discontinuities.
  • Pursue growth, not as an end in itself, but as the result of excellent marketing and concentrate on that excellence.
  • Build on the past to achieve success in the present that will guarantee the future- and never neglect the future.

Management Learning, Vol. 19, No. 1, 79 (1988)
DOI: 10.1177/135050768801900109 @ 1988 SAGE Publications
Book Reviews : The Supermarketers Robert Heller: Sidgwick and Jackson (London). Hardback. 7987 ISBN 0 283 99550 5 £12.95

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